The darkness didn’t subside, sunlight didn’t diminish it. It bore down suffocating the soul beset by its gravity. It was a black hole, devouring the very sun itself. A cold abyss from which there was no escape.

She sat in silence, observing the darkness. She sat in sunlight, feeling its warmth through the numbness that enveloped her. It was a curious thing, not foreign or unwanted, accepted. It was familiar, and although it consumed her, destroyed her, it was comfortable in its familiarity.

A breeze swept across the park, leaves carried and swirled in the cool autumn air. Her hair, long auburn strands, spread away from her in its passing, she noticed absently, as she did the cold kiss it left on her face. There was no desire to shy away from it, to contain the chaos left in its wake. Only a serene peace existed now, an acceptance.

The darkness had her and she sat with it, trapped by it, yet not trapped at all. She’d met it as an old friend, a companion, long known, ever present. She welcomed it, for it’s familiarity was not nearly as terrifying as the alternative. She felt the sunlight on her face, the warmth contrasting cold, but she sat in darkness and was content.


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